Stone Coated Steel Roofing

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Transform Your Home with a Stone Coated Steel Roof

A Stone Coated Steel roof is the great choice to protect your Florida home from the weather. It is strong, attractive and lasts for decades.

At GMR Metal Roofs, we take pride in providing superior roofing solutions and this includes installing new Stone Coated Steel roofs. 


Why Choose Stone Coated Steel Roofs?

Stone coated steel roofing materials are becoming increasingly popular due to their state-of-the-art technology and materials. Stoned Coated Steel outperforms traditional roofing shingles in may areas:

It lasts longer: 

Stone Coated Steel roofs have a significantly longer lifespan than common roofing shingles. With the right level of care, Stone Coated Steel can last between 40 and 70 years, opposed to 20 years for asphalt shingles.


Stone-coated steel is more durable than traditional painted metal roofing. It resists dents and dings that other metal roofs suffer over time. A steel roof is more resistant to high winds, heavy rain, and other weather events.

Low Maintenance

Stone Coated Steel requires little to no maintenance, whereas asphalt shingles require routine upkeep. This quality virtually eliminates the maintenance costs of a traditional asphalt or tile roof.

Energy Efficiency

Stone Coated Steel has excellent thermal properties. It reflects sunlight, opposed to absorbing it like asphalt shingles. This helps keep your home cooler during the hot Florida summers. This energy efficiency can translate to lower cooling costs, benefiting both your wallet and the environment.


If you’re looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal, Stone Coated Steel roofs are an excellent choice. They are available in a variety of colors, textures and styles.


The GMR Metal Roofs Advantage

At GMR Metal Roofs, we believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best. That’s why we go above and beyond to deliver superior service and exceptional craftsmanship on every project. Here’s what sets us apart:

Expertise and Experience

Our team of roofing experts has years of experience in installing Stone Coated Steel roofs. From start to finish you can trust the knowledge and decades of experience that our team brings to your project.  

Quality Materials 

We source our Stone Coated Steel from trusted suppliers, ensuring that you get the highest-quality materials for your roof. Our tiles are not only beautiful but also built to withstand the toughest Florida weather.

Customization Options

 Every home is unique.  We offer a wide variety of Stone Coated Steel options to match your aesthetic preferences. Whether you prefer a classic look or a modern appearance, we have the perfect roof for you.

Professional Installation

Our team follows industry-leading installation best practices, adhering to local building codes and safety standards. Rest assured with guarantee that your Stone Coated Steel roof installation will be done right.

Customer Satisfaction

From the initial consultation to the final inspection, we are always available to address any concerns you may have. We believe in open communication and transparency throughout the entire process.

The Installation Process

When you choose GMR Metal Roofs for your new residential Stone Coated Steel roof, you can expect a smooth and efficient installation process:


Don’t wait to enhance the beauty and resilience of your home with a new residential Stone Coated Steel roof. Contact GMR Metal Roofs today to schedule your free roof assessment.

Our experts are ready to make your roofing dreams come true. Trust GMR Metal Roofs for exceptional service, unmatched expertise, and a roofing solution you’ll love.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tile Roofs:

Absolutely! Stone Coated Steel roofs are an excellent choice for Florida’s climate. They are highly resistant to the intense sunlight, heavy rain, and high winds commonly experienced in the region. Additionally, Stone Coated Steel has exceptional thermal properties, helping to keep your home cooler during the hot summers, making them energy-efficient and well-suited for Florida’s weather conditions.

When properly installed and maintained, Stone Coated Steel roofs have an impressive lifespan, often lasting over 50 years or more. Unlike some other roofing materials, Stone Coated Steel is resistant to fading, rotting, and insect damage, which contributes to their longevity. Investing in a Stone Coated Steel roof can provide your home with lasting protection and a beautiful appearance for decades.

While the initial cost of installing a Stone Coated Steel roof can be higher than some other roofing materials, it’s essential to consider the long-term value they provide. Their exceptional durability and longevity can lead to significant cost savings over time, as they require fewer repairs and replacements compared to other roofing options. Additionally, the timeless elegance and curb appeal that Stone Coated Steel add to your home can also increase its overall value.

If you have any other questions or concerns about Stone Coated Steel roofing or the installation process, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team at GMR Metal Roofs. We are here to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your new residential Stone Coated Steel roof in Florida.